Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas this year

We went sledding at Aspen Grove after Christmas and Cara smashed her face into a drift with sunglasses on. Ouch!

Although Christmas was not white this year, we had some excellent snowstorms before and after

Christmas morning brought Wesley a snowboard and Cara an ipod Touch. Spoiled?

This year we have one more family close by so we had even more fun. I took off the week of Christmas to New Years and ended up with a fun project. Even though the weather didn't cooperate, Wesley and I built an 8'x12' treehouse in the big backyard mulberry tree.

Christmas Eve at our house included the traditional pajamas

Mom got to run to Sanford for Grandma's birthday earlier in the month. It's always good to be with family.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Doing the December scramble

We are off in all directions this evening. Mom is in Sanford for Grandmas birthday party/Mortensen get-together. She went with Marsha yesterday and will get back Monday night. The kids have been trying to finish up homework. Cara finished first so I dropped her off at the ward Christmas party then came back home to help Wes get his done. He is writing his online book report out long hand, then I will enter it after he gets to go to a birthday party.

It is fun to be in December, though, with the house glowing and presents starting to pile up. There are lots of things to do and good feelings all around.

As you all enjoy your families and celebrate our sweet Lord Jesus, may you all continue to be blessed. We love you all.