Monday, March 23, 2009

Garden of Eden or of Carl and Peggy

As PW says, "this is the cast of characters for the garden. Seeds planted in peat pellets ready for the real thing. We planted them outside last week and they are not sure they like the brisk outdoors. They liked the warm house better.

Not another project

Somehow I picked up an old Kawasaki KZ400 for $200 (just because it didn't run...go figure)and just as soon as the house is finished ;-)I'll get it running. Meanwhile it's the perfect vehicle for Wesley's fantasies.

Wesley hoops it up

Wesley started basketball with a travel league. He is working with a good coach and has picked up a lot of skills he hadn't been exposed to. He is still just a beginner but he is pretty quick and is having a lot of fun.

The kitchen makeover

The next phase is reworking the kitchen, meaing tear down the wall to make the kitchen/living room into a great room. It was a dusty mess but the result is amazing. We had to change the lighting in the kitchen as well.