Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is why we can't have parties at our house yet

Two weeks ago we exchanged places with Grandpa and moved all his things to the downstairs apartment. He is adjusting pretty comfortably while we work on the upstairs. Cara and Wesley are still downstairs while Peggy and I are tearing things up. We moved into the front bedroom whilst working on the rest of the floors. We found out that the whole upstairs but the kitchen and bathrooms is covered in 2" oak flooring under the carpet. We have stripped out the carpet and sanded/refinished the floors. The painting is done in the bedrooms as well but we still need base molding. It is a glorious mess as usual but a lot of fun getting there.

Stay tuned for lots more action.

Wesley turns 11

Wesley continues to lead from the youngest spot with a fine eleventh birthday. Anna was persuaded to take Wesley skiing at Sundance on Saturday and took the camera to capture the action. Unfortunately Anna was rolling Carls left-footed snowboard and after the first run Wesley was gone. He had a great time but Anna was worn out by days end.

On Sunday we got together at Jordan's for ice cream, cake and a family conference call. Thanks for all your love.