Sunday, August 16, 2009

The living room is finally livable

The carpet came in and we got the final details pulled together. We are ready for Curtis and company to come and inspect.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A few more baby steps on the house

After a few weeks hiatus, we got the patio room insulated, sheetrocked and mudded. I got the door installed and tightened so we tore out the sliding door and opened the room up to the house. So far it is keeping cool. With a little more mudding and sanding we will be ready to paint. Peggy is trying to get carpet ordered and we are getting closer to a real sunken living room. The outside is covered with plywood and the goal is to get it stuccoed before winter, funds permitting.

A frantic run for home

After a fun 3 days we headed for home with a few stops along the way. We got to Palmyra and enjoyed the Church historical sites, especially the sacred grove and the print shop. We sprinted for Niagara Falls and got there about 11:00pm. It was a spectacular sight and we spent the night in Buffalo. The next day we toured the Kirtland temple, spent the night in Des Moines, then straight for home.

A bite of the Big Apple

After two days in DC we headed for New York. I find it a grimy expensive place but worth a day. Half the day was taking the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty then we spent the rest of the day seeing the sights in Manhattan. FAO Schwartz and the Apple store, Central Park (incredible), apple cinnamon donuts off a street vendor, subway rides and Times Square.

Cara and Wesley go to Washington

On the occasion of Anderson's blessing, everyone but Anna was able to get to Raleigh NC. Peggy and the kids drove out over a week and I met them in Raleigh. It was awesome to be part of Curtis and Lindsey's life for the weekend and to play with grandkids.

After the festivities we took the opportunity to show Cara and Wesley the East Coast. We drove to Washington DC and spent two days enjoying our Capital. Thanks Becca for the place to stay and thanks Syd and Chad for meeting us there. We were just a few minutes ahead of the crazy man who shot the security guard at the Holocaust museum so we feel blessed to be safe. I even ended up live on Fox 13 in Birmingham with a "report on the scene"

The museums were spectacular and being in DC gives you such a reverence for this great country.